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C Carla Knudsen

Washing Delicates and Whites

Jul 29, 2022

This week's blog is going to focus on caring for, and washing delicates, as well as whites. Bras and whites are two of the hardest clothing items to keep looking clean and fresh. These simple tricks will help you keep these clothing items fresh for as long as possible.

One of the first things people think of when delicate clothing is mentioned, is bras. Bras can be a confusing thing to care for, and it may seem like there are an abundance of rules when it comes to washing bras, but there are only a few important steps to keeping your bras fresh and high quality. The first question to address is how often should you be washing your bras? It is recommended that people wash their bras once every two to three wears. However, make sure you are not wearing the same bra every single day. Leaving a day's rest for your bra between wears will allow the material to retain its shape. If you have one bra that is your favorite, we recommend buying two of them and alternating which one you wear each day. 

A lot of people also wonder if there is a different method to washing different types of bras. The answer is no. All bras can be washed the same way, whether it is a bralette, push up bra, wireless bra, or sports bra, they can all be put into the sink with cold water and gentle detergent then hung to dry.  The best method to wash bras is to hand wash them. This method ensures your bras will not get tangled, and it is also more gentle therefore your bras will stay in better condition for a longer period of time. When washing bras it is important to use a gentle detergent. There are two main things to avoid when choosing a detergent for washing your bras with. The first is the detergent should not have any bleach, and the second thing to avoid is detergents containing alcohol. At Blue Sky we carry Soak and Forever New, which are two different gentle detergents that are great for washing your bras. Soak has many different scents to choose from including a scent free option, and Forever New is also scent free. When using Soak detergent you do not have to rinse it out, this makes it easier to hand wash with and it is gentler on some fabric fibers, it also saves water.

If you have to put your bras in the washing machine it is recommended that you use a laundry bag (we carry these at Blue Sky). A laundry bag is a mesh bag that keeps your bras separate from the rest of your clothing items when in the washing machine. This will make sure your bra hooks do not get snagged on other clothing items, which would result in the other item being torn as well as the bra hook being stretched out of place. Bras can get tangled, stretched out, and the elastic elements can start to break down if you do not use a laundry bag. This will leave your former favorite bra feeling loose and poor fitting. Put your machine cycle on the gentle setting when washing bras even if they are in a laundry bag. While using the washing machine is not recommended but still an option, the one thing you should never do is put your bras in the dryer. This is the number one mistake people make when it comes to maintaining their bras. Putting bras into the dryer will mess with the shape of the bra and make the structure deteriorate a lot faster than if you were to hang dry them. After washing your bras the best way to store them is to place them flat in your drawer and stack them one on top of the other rather than individually folding your bra cups into one another.  

When it comes to other delicate clothing items it is important to read the tag on the inside of the item. For example if a silk blouse has a label that does not read “Dry clean only” then it is safe to hand wash this silk item. You can clean the sink with lukewarm water, then fill it with cold water and a small amount of the previously mentioned gentle detergents. Lightly agitate them for three to five minutes, rinse well (unless using soak), then dry flat. It is important to only use cold or lukewarm water when washing delicates because hot water can shrink your items or fade their colors. As previously mentioned gentle detergents do not contain bleach or alcohol that will also lead to colors fading. Once finished washing them, air dry your delicates. Heat can ruin your delicates because it can cause shrinkage, however if your dryer has a “No heat” or “Air fluff only” setting then you can toss the mesh laundry bag into the dryer and dry them halfway. You only want to dry them halfway because it is important to re-shape your clothing by hand halfway through the drying process. This is important for knits, cashmere, and other garments that have a specific shape to them. 

Washing whites often is important. This will help to keep the invisible dirt from settling in on the fibers of your white items. Invisible dirt is sweat, oils from your skin, and ambient dirt from the atmosphere that accumulates on your clothing. This is known as indivisible dirt because you often do not notice it until it is too late and your clothing item is stained. The first tip is to wear a cami or undershirt underneath your whites. This will help to maintain the cleanliness of the garment and reduce exposure to the invisible first that was previously mentioned. Wearing multiple layers of white also helps for the outer layer to look the brightest. While layer is helpful when wearing whites, it is important to be aware of what you are using to layer. When choosing a suit jacket, sweater, or wearing your whites untucked over jeans, think back on if any of your other clothing items have been stained due to over dye rubbing off on them. Speaking of stains it is also important to remove a stain as soon as you see it. Head to the closest sink and attempt to wash out the stain, or dilute it so it is easier to wash later. When washing whites, wash them separately. Keeping whites white is only possible if you keep them away from dark colors that may bleed in the washing machine. 

 If you have any questions concerning the products we currently have in stock, special orders, or other general questions regarding clothing, bras, bra accessories, and detergents, do not hesitate to call, email, or DM Blue Sky at blueskylingerie@gmail.com, 306-773-7702, or @blueskyfashions on Instagram!

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