Latte Love

In our frantic and frenzied modern lives, sometimes the best way to keep up is by slowing down. Taking a deep breath, hitting pause and appreciating the little things that life has to offer.

Which is why three seasoned apparel industry veterans decided to create a line of clothing that’s all about making the most of living in the moment.


We designed our products to be stylish, comfortable and just right for getting in touch with what matters most—like the feeling you get lingering over the perfect cup of coffee while the rest of the world simply melts away.


Fabrics We Use:

Rayon Spandex

We chose a lustrous and soft rayon, another biodegradable plant-based textile, for its moisture absorbing and breathable properties. Then we added the comfortable stretch of spandex and engineered it to be colourfast so each piece looks as good after multiple wearings as it feels.

Pure Cotton

We prewash our cotton for a silky smooth feel that’s as soft as a whisper. We’re captivated by cotton’s absorbency, breathability, and biodegradable nature, as well as its reputation for being versatile and universally-loved.