Repeatedly in press there were many articles informing about wrongly fitted bra health effects. Such news were often appaling – everything is caused by fashion trends and plenty of random people’s posts apearing around the Web. While surfing on the popular Internet blogs and forums you can easily find instructions urging to wear bras with too small girth or too small cup. Prof. Marek Zadrożny, specialist in oncological surgery stresses that although there are no studies that would indicate the development of a breast cancer caused by using an unsuitable bra, the correct choice is extremely important - „Not only to prevent future complications, such as a disorder of the lymphatic system, inflammation, or swelling but also to live in greater comfort” – he says. 
Mismatched or poorly manufactured bra may cause serious health disorders. This perfect bra should fit well and it should be neither too tight nor too loose . Creating such bra requires not only the best design and manufacturing technology, but also the best pattern. To achieve this goal Corin has prepared a revolutionary program. Brand, which for a long time is trying to educate women about necessity of proper lingerie fitting, moves forward and tries to prove previous assumptions with proper research.

„In our actions we always try to put on women’s good and health – though our products are designed and manufactured especially for them.Throughout this campaign we want to make women also aware of proper bra fitting. Nowadays we hear so much about breast cancer and statictics getting worse day by day. If we manage to persuade even few women about the need of proper bra-fitting, we will consider it as our success.” –Mariusz Hanczka, Corin president. 

Company’s ambition was to create such a shape of bra that would not only be aesthetically pleasing  for its clients, but would be the perfect bra - comfortable and healthy. A modified bra shape was developed by Corins constructors and engineers from the Technical University of Lodz. Prof. Marek Zadrożny-head of Oncological Surgery and Breast Diseases Clinic in the Polish Mother Memorial Hospital-Research Institute was overseeing the project. The multi stage research took over a year. The project started with specifying pressure points on a 3D model of the female chest. This was done with a high-tech professional computer program used in digital simulations. First models of the new bra based on that data, helped in examination of the bra's cup projection and in performing another 3D simulation. Only after all those steps, bra with new and improved shape began to arise. 
“On the basis of interactions between the surface of a bra and a woman's body, adequate dimensional changes were chosen in the projection - in the shape and the size of the bras; these bras were modified and later we tested whether indeed these shapes and these dimensions are optimal. It is intended that the results can be used as a guideline for manufacturers.”- Robert Pietrasik from Institute of Material Science and Engineering, Technical University of Lodz. 

The bra was tested by a group of women of various age and breast size. Young women as well as mothers took part in the test. 

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