How to Choose the Perfect Blazer

How to Choose the Perfect Blazer - Blue Sky Fashions & Lingerie

If you were to ask any fashion expert what some of their wardrobe must-haves for women are, the blazer will surely be on top of the list. There is something undeniably attractive and sophisticated when it comes to a perfect-fitting blazer. Wear a blazer with your pair of trousers and a button-down shirt, and you’ll be ready for an important business meeting or be party-ready as you wear it in the evening over your sexy tank top and skinny jeans. Indeed, nobody can resist this piece’s versatility.

No one can argue when it comes to its versatility and classiness, but all must ask, how do you pick the perfect blazer? With a large variety of styles and designs that appears in stores today, it can be a bit challenging to pick the perfect one. One that perfectly fits your personality and body type, and at the same time just right for the event and occasion at hand. While the rules wearing outerwear for women are more flexible than that of the men, we still need to pay attention to some details.

And there could be no better way to choose the best one for you than by understanding the structure of blazers. So here, we’ve gathered and did our best to explain the different elements of a blazer that you need to consider when choosing one.

So what’s the difference between a single-breasted blazer and a double-breasted one? Simple. Double-breasted blazers have two rows of buttons. The two sides overlap and button-up to one side. While single-breasted blazers’  button-up at the center of the torso.

Take note! Double-breasted blazers are really great for women who are slim and lean. But keep in mind that single-breasted coats like the one below are much more classic and easier to dressed up or down depending on the occasion.

A blazer’s number of buttons can completely change how it looks by the way it fits and complements a certain body type. Let’s talk about it one by one.

One-Button Blazers: These are more casual, but they are usually a little bit more difficult to pull off. Its button closure should be closed at the narrowest part of your waist for it to fit well or else chances that it will look a bit sloppy.

Two-Button Blazers: These are more work-appropriate than those with single button. Why? Since it comes with two buttons, you don’t have to button it up directly on the narrowest section of your torso. This makes it look more structured and smooth.

Three-Button Blazers: These blazers are usually worn on more formal occasions. But please do take note that this style might not flatter woman who are not so tall because its buttons start a bit higher.


Take note! Remember to know which among this fits your body type. Always choose the one that flatters your body the most. If you want to be safe, you could always choose blazers with multi buttons.


Shoulder pads give blazers proper shape and structure. Never pick a blazer with too wide paddings because it will make you look broader than you really are. On the other hand, too small or narrow shoulders will enlarge your arms and will leave you feeling uncomfortable because of tightness.

Take note! Shoulder pads should end on your natural shoulder’s end. If you are not comfy with shoulder pads, choose a blazer with less. Do not remove them completely as it affects the blazers full structure.


A blazer’s length flatters a woman’s body depending on its shape or type. Understanding the following may help you choose the perfect one.

Hip-Length: This blazer with hem that hits mid-hip is the most common length for blazers and is flattering for most body type.

Waist-Length: This type draws attention to the waist and is good for most women. This style is quite popular as well.

Cropped: This is a very casual style and it is best for women who are slim.

Long: This may not be the most common style for everyday use, but this is surely the most stylish. This is a great option for women who wants to cover their hips completely.

Take note! Every woman should have a waist-length blazer in their closet. It is a perfect go-to choice for both formal and casual occasions.


Here are the other things you need to consider when buying a blazer.

Fabric: The material of a blazer has a huge impact on its durability and yes, its price. You can pick from a variety of materials such as velvet, cotton, satin, linen, wool, or even leather. And that depends on the weather condition and on your mood, of course.

Pockets: The size and placement of pockets can also change how a blazer looks. Large, bulky pockets can widen the hips. While small and angled pockets can create an illusion of curves.

Color: Versatility is the key when it comes to color. Neutral colors such as black, grey, white, or beige can be beautifully worn over anything and are great for the workplace. Bolder colors such as red and yellow are great for night outs.

Pattern: Patterned blazers may not be for everyone but they are indeed a great way to make a statement. From pinstripes to floral to animal prints, there are surely many choices nowadays but again you should choose according to the occasion and on your body type plus your comfort level.

There you go! Just keep these tips in mind and you’ll never go wrong when it comes to blazers.