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Finding the Right Bra for You

Jul 15, 2022 · bra · bra fitting · bras · wired bra · wireless bra

While Blue Sky has experimented with many different products, our one constant is bras and lingerie. We carry an expansive collection of bras and are committed to finding the perfect fitting bra for every customer. Whether you are looking for a wired bra, wireless bra, sport bra, sleep bra, or mastectomy bra we have something for you. Every staff member is trained in providing bra fittings to ensure you leave satisfied with the fit of your bra. If we do not have a specific bra in stock, special orders can be made from a select few brands.

Deciding what bra is best for you can seem daunting due to the high number of choices and different styles. One choice is between wired and wireless bras. While the choice is mostly personal preference, there are some benefits to each that may make the decision easier. The difference between a wired bra and a wireless bra is that a wired bra has an underwire that is usually metal or hard plastic, that sits underneath the cup of the bra to add support and structure. It is usually sewn into the cup with extra fabric wrapped around it to ensure it is comfortable. The goal of a wired bra is to lift your breasts away from your chest and give each breast a defined shape. A wireless bra has no wires and instead relies on the cut and stitch of the fabric to provide support and structure. 

Some pros to having a bra with underwire is they tend to provide more support and shape due to the fact that they are more structured. This style is recommended for women with larger breasts who may require more support in their day to day lives. If your goal is to lift your breasts, bras containing underwire provide more lift as well. Wired bras offer the same level of comfort as wireless bras as long as you are wearing the correct size. If you are unsure of your size one of our staff members can help you with finding your correct size. 

Depending on the amount of support you need a wireless bra may be your preference. Wireless bras provide light support and maximum comfort. Without wires you are left with less structure and support. If you prefer to sleep with a bra on, the best option is to sleep in a wireless bra as they still support you without being restrictive or cutting off your circulation. It is important to be aware of the fact that wireless bras tend to enhance your natural shape rather than drastically change the shape. If you are looking to change your silhouette the better option would be a wired bra. Wireless bras also make for better sports bras. The exclusion of a wire allows for you to move more freely and comfortably while still keeping that support. The support in a sports bra comes from the fabric which tends to contain more elastic and is thicker than the average everyday bra. Wireless bras are also better for pregnancy. If you are pregnant and carrying high, or post-pregnancy and breastfeeding, you will likely find the soft cup is more comfortable to wear. While not every wire free bra can be machine washed there is a good majority that can be, whereas underwired bras almost always need to be hand washed and hung to dry. This is because over time washing a wired bra the wire may begin to poke through the casting or start to bend within the casting. If you are a low maintenance person the wireless bras low maintenance qualities may seem more appealing. 

While the choice between a wired bra and wireless bra is completely personal preference it is important to note that many women have a dislike for certain bra styles, and it often turns out the reason for their dislike is not the bra style itself but rather the size they are wearing. Whichever bra you decide is best for you, ensure you are wearing the right size. A bra that does not fit isn’t only uncomfortable, but can also lead to many other health problems. Wearing a bra that is too loose can lead to breast pain as it will not offer the proper support and cause your breasts to move or bounce around too much. A bra that is too tight can cause breast stretch marks that come from the bra stretching your skin. Wearing the wrong size bra can cause neck, shoulder, and back pain. It can also lead to bad posture as you may be slouching to avoid the bra strap pulling at your neck and shoulders. A bra that is too tight may rub and chafe your skin leading to rashes or skin abrasions,  cause deep creasing around your breasts, deep groove marks in the shoulders, and premature breast sagging. The pressure from the bra being too tight on a regular basis creates these issues. A proper fitting bra has many benefits, including fixing all the issues previously listed from wearing the wrong sized bra. The right size bra will also make everything you wear look better. A bra that isn't squeezing you in all the wrong places will make your silhouette appear lifted and toned. Finding the proper bra size can be made easier by having a bra fitting with one of our staff members.

No appointment is necessary to get a one on one bra fitting with any of our trained staff members, simply stop by Blue Sky at the Swift Current Mall and one of our workers will be there to help. If you have any questions concerning the products we currently have in stock, special orders, or other general questions regarding bras and bra accessories do not hesitate to call, email, or DM Blue Sky at, 306-773-7702, or @blueskyfashions on Instagram!

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