Fall 2023 Trends

Fall 2023 Trends - Blue Sky Fashions & Lingerie

Once mid-August hits every year, fashion lovers feel a subtle change in the air—hardly noticeable, but recognizable nonetheless. Suddenly, putting on shorts just doesn’t feel quite as enticing, and every time a closet is opened, their eye lingers a little longer on the blazer that hasn’t seen wear in a few months. We know what’s happening: Fall Fashion is suddenly rumbling under the surface, patiently waiting for a cool day to make its glorious debut for the year. 

Sure, summer is blissful in its own right, but we’d be hard-pressed to find someone that doesn’t welcome the beautiful, crisp first days of autumn with open arms. No matter how much you love the warmer months, after weeks of heat, the thought of wrapping yourself in a cozy sweater and swapping out your sandals for a pair of chunky loafers is a welcome change—and that change is nearly here.

Fall 2023’s trends are waiting for no one, and it’s time to adjust our priorities accordingly.


With fashion’s near-universal love of elevated basics thus far this year, it’s no surprise that fall is going to be teeming with them. Think: an impeccably tailored button-up with a strong-shoulder blazer and baggy jeans; a knit maxi dress with an oversized jacket draped over the shoulders. Fall 2023 will be all about outfits created from an arsenal of basics, but styled in a way that makes them feel anything but. 


While this summer was an ode to themes of our youth—whimsical mermaidcore and pink-plagued Barbiecore—fall will take a 180-turn back into adulthood. Say hello to businesscore.

With refined tailoring, strong-shouldered suiting, and fresh takes on classic button-downs, looking like you came from your 9-5 (regardless of if you really did) is fall’s most powerful style philosophy. 


Not to burst your bubble if you just pranced out of the Barbie theater, but this fall, red is the new pink. Bright, cherry-colored red (that’s nearly orange-leaning) is forecasted to be the most sought-after hue of the autumn season. 


The early aughts have taken back the hearts of many a fashion lovers over the past couple of years, so it’s only logical that the sheer styles of the early 2000s are continuing to linger for the fall season. The skin-bearing trend won’t be super practical come the colder months, but transitional weather is screaming this one’s name. 


The maxi skirt is in the running to be one of 2023’s most wide-sweeping trends as a whole, and this fall, you can expect to continue to see floor-brushing skirt lengths everywhere you turn (and scroll). The denim maxi will continue to be worn on the bottom halves of fashion’s coolest throughout the season, and ’50s-era circle skirts will wiggle their way onto the scene, too.


In a sharp contrast to the deep, moody hues that are synonymous with fall, butter yellow has made an unexpected name for itself for the season. The dreamy hue is wearable even for the most neutral-loving among us, and provides a soft color option for the days where berries and mahoganies just won’t cut it.


What’s a fall without a hint of shearling? Luckily, we don’t have to find out anytime soon. Touches of shearling will grace collars, shoes, and outwear galore, giving everything it touches a cozy element that begs to be bundled up in. The jury’s in, and you can officially consider shearling-lined jackets a forever piece in your closet. 


We started 2023 with dreamy, ethereal looks being nearly inescapable on the style scene, and fall is continuing the theme—just with a darker twist. Lacy details, airy elements, and rosette embellishments will continue into fall, but in dark hues that result in a sexy, romantic aesthetic.
There’s something about a truly timeless piece trending that makes us want to turn our heads up to the sky and whisper a “thank you” – and that’s definitely in order now. In a testament to the aforementioned elevated basics theme that’s been hovering over this year’s trends, tailored coats are set to be the outerwear of both the fall and winter seasons.