Evelyn & Bobbie - A Bra that feels like Second Skin

Evelyn & Bobbie - A Bra that feels like Second Skin - Blue Sky Fashions & Lingerie

Evelyn & Bobbie bras are like a second skin around the body, helping smooth the back and minimize digging into the ribcage. The straps stay off the traps! The trapezius muscle extends across the shoulder and down the back. In addition to helping move the head, shoulders and torso, the trapezius muscle stabilizes the spine and helps posture. By setting the Evelyn & Bobbie bra straps wider and off the neck muscle, we can stand tall and lead from the heart.

Every Evelyn & Bobbie bra is designed to be comfortable, supportive and especially optimized for D-K cups. Cups are always removable to customize your level of modesty. The fabric is moisture wicking and has antimicrobial protection without the use of latex, copper, or silver ions. After 1-3 wears, the unique fiber blend and construction helps the bra mold to the body, and not the other way around! 

Now, let me walk you through each of the styles, to help you understand each of their unique features and what sets them apart: 


The Evelyn & Bobbie pain-free journey starts with the Defy Bra, our first bra and fan favorite! As a go-to everyday wear for comfort all day long, this bra is truly a game changer. The Defy Bra is our highest neckline and most full coverage option. Soft, yet supportive, straps sit wide on your shoulder. Painful indentations on your delicate neck muscles are a thing of the past. The bra is designed to be seamless and smoothing with minimal stitching–the perfect T-shirt bra. Many customers with scarring or nerve sensitivity love this style. 


This wirefree bra is a best-seller for a reason! At a glance, the Beyond Bra looks like a conventional bra, but still boasts the EB CORE technology–a weightless feel with no risk of underwire poking into the skin. The Beyond Bra features adjustable straps and a back closure with 4 rows of hook and eyes for an even more customized experience. The key differences from the Defy Bra are the lower scoop back line and mid-rise front neckline, which offers more wardrobe versatility. The Beyond Bra is perfect under tank tops. The smoothing band, which flexes with your body, is taller at the center front cradle to help with breast separation. 


The Evelyn Bra is the best of Defy and Beyond in one comfortable wireless bra. The Evelyn Bra is Evelyn & Bobbie’s answer to the "push-up” because we believe sexy should be comfortable. The signature scalloped edge is not only elegant, but allows for cleavage while reducing pinching and cutting into delicate breast tissue. The flexible and smoothing bodice lifts from below to create a “sculptured shape” while the front cradle is designed even taller to help breast separation. The Evelyn Bra is the lowest neckline of all our bras so far; try the Evelyn Bra under “V” necks and dresses. Take the plunge!


Simply stated, the Smoothing Cami is the Defy Bra, as a tank. It features the same smoothing technology as the Defy Bra, but extended all the way down. I like to pair my Smoothing Cami with the Girlshort to make my own bodysuit. The neckline is slightly more open for more wardrobe versatility. Designed to make you feel held in but not restricted or compressed, this base layer feels like a hug! The Smoothing Cami stays tucked in and is perfect to wear under sweaters, blazers, wrap dresses and much more. Comfortable enough to sleep in or on the go!


Standing on the shoulders of the Defy Bra, the Bobbie Scoop offers Defy smoothness and comfort but with thinner straps and low scooped front and back neckline. It is designed to be invisible under various outfits. The Bobbie Scoop launch also includes a new size, XS, which was designed specifically to fit and serve XS customers, rather than just scaling down from larger sizes. Overall, the Bobbie Scoop bra is a great option for those seeking comfort and fashion freedom.

These bras are engineered with you in mind; for people with boobs, by people with boobs.