Schitt’s Creek 2020 Was a Schitt Show Candle

Schitt’s Creek 2020 Was a Schitt Show Candle

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2020 was a Schitt show. Fortunately, the rose family was there to help us all through it. While you may never get to sample a Rosebud Motel Cinnamon Bun, this candle is the next best thing.

Best paired with binge-watching your favourite show (Schitt's Creek, of course) and a baked good (or three..)

Its Rosebud Motel Cinnamon Bun scent is as sweet as the Rose family's love for one another.

Featuring laugh-out-loud sayings from your favourite Roses, hand-drawn illustrations and 100% natural fragrances inspired by all things Schitt’s Creek, our new candle collection is “simply the best!”

Our Canadian candles are hand-poured in our Lakeshore, Ontario studio. Using essential oils, 100% natural plant-derived fragrance oils, natural soy wax and cotton wicks, we’ve perfected a recipe for a truly natural, eco-friendly candle that you can feel good about burning.