We don't know how to talk about ourselves. We know caps. That is why we constantly talk about them, write and take pictures. Here you can learn a little more, where we came from and how we make our wool caps.

Some history

We operate in the most 'textile' region in Poland, i.e. in the Łódź Province. It is a legendary industry center, full of sewing workshops and talented people, immortalized in the brilliant film "Promised Land". Anyone who loves fashion is in the right place there. We are proud to continue these traditions.


 Lots of nature

For the production of wools, we use Polish and Italian yarns with the renowned, internationally recognized Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 certificate. We work on modern Stoll machines supplemented with many specialized devices that allow us to obtain an individual
character of caps (accessories, etc.). Design, production, packaging, shipping ... Whatever we do, we do our best to make our work good for both our customers and their planet.

Lots of passion

 Each season is a challenge for us, but fortunately we love our work. We design and sew our own patterns, we produce for external companies (e.g. advertising agencies) and individual orders. The limitation is only… there are no limits! Each project is different, but one thing does not change - quality. Here you can always count on full commitment, excellent materials and simply the pleasure of wearing a Woolk cap. We finish them by hand, send them all over Poland and abroad, we are in constant contact with our clients.

For us, hats are really big.

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