Chic and practical bags 

Lambert's mission is to make people's daily lives easier. We have designed unique multifunctional, chic and comfortable bags that really meet your needs. Your shoulders and back will thank you.

A practical bag carrying our values 

Our company is based on certain values. She tries as best she can to share them, one bag at a time...

Authenticity , because we want to meet your real needs. It is by putting ourselves in your shoes that we have created practical vegan bags for women and men. Mélissa Lambert wanted to go into business to offer vegan bags that serve her customers at affordable prices. Lambert's authenticity is also demonstrated by the transparency in the design and materials used for our practical bags for women and men.

Determination , because we believe it is possible to make a difference. Lambert was founded in a spirit of self-improvement and self-confidence. We went to the end of our ambitions to offer you a product that meets your requirements both in terms of utility and fashion, and this, without compromise! We wanted to fill a void in the market by creating chic and practical bags for women and men. 

Innovation , to think and do things differently. Lambert wanted to put forward a unique concept. Our company sells vegan leather bags because we believe in promoting responsible consumption. Our bags are designed without animal cruelty. We favor responsible innovation while respecting animal ethics. Lambert is committed to continuing to innovate!


It's in the bag!


Our vegan leather bags for women and men are suitable for all situations. They are multifunctional and have many compartments to allow you to get your hands on your belongings easily and quickly. Our practical bags for women and men are durable and easy to maintain.

Our backpacks are versatile and can be worn on various occasions. You are at the office and have to join friends at the restaurant in the evening? We've made sure your bag can follow you through your day with confidence!

All our backpacks are additionally adorned with a unique silver logo that includes all of Lambert's letters in a diamond, which represents life and transmission.