Cara & The Sky

Cara & The Sky is an independent

British brand with a positive outlook on life, produced right here in the UK.

The London born brand is designed for fun-loving, free spirited humans with a love for knitwear, bright colours,

and unique style.

Every day we challenge ourselves to Create A Right Attitude & Reach The Sky!​

As we know that if you believe in yourself, live life to the full and have the right mindset, anything is possible,

the sky's the limit to what you can achieve.

We want to slow down fashion. We create season-less capsule collections that stand the test of time. The designs are trend driven, but trend-less, giving longevity to each style. We want you to fall in love with every piece you safe in the knowledge that you can wear it this season, and it will be just as relevant next season and seasons to come.

All our designs, twist, colour & stitch combinations have been developed in house by our founder Cara and are unique to the brand.